Daily Archives: October 30, 2010

RIP Bugpuss

Bagpuss August 1992 - October 2010

A few Sundays ago our family cat Bugpuss died; he was eighteen and up until the last week had been in mostly good health.

We got him when he was six weeks old, he was the same age as my youngest sister. He was born on one of the chicken farms my dad use to work on in an old car engine. My dad brought him home one evening after work in an iron box and he was a complete surprise (to us kids any way), we have had dogs since I was born but he was our first cat and I remember very clearly his arrival with us.

Baggy and Middles - 7th August 2010

A few evening before he died he had walked out in front of a car coming up the road, luckily the driver saw him and slowed down but he didn’t realise what had happened and just carried on across the road at a gentle walking pace.

After that we kept him in and then on the Sunday I think he had a stroke and then later he started fitting and lost consciousness and died a few hours later.