Daily Archives: October 18, 2010

Autumn tasks

We took three lambs down for meat this morning, with another two booked in for next week. We have too many lambs for our own freezer this year, which is still full of mutton, pork and possible even some beef, so I have been busy on forums and local food groups finding buyers for this years meat.

We have bought a new ram this year, a Cotswold. Our old ram is, well, getting very old now.

Our new ram - 5th of October 2010

He has fitted in well with the other sheep and settled down straight away to being on a common. He is very much looks like one of this years Cotswold cross lambs and has joined one of the ‘gangs’ of lambs.

At the weekend we also sorted the goats out and moved them around so as they are all with the right males for next years kidding. A few weeks ago we got a call from the couple we sold the Jelly Bean Babies to a few years ago as because of an accident they were no longer able to keep them and so we have had them back.

Knightshade out on the green before moving him in with 'his girls' - 17th of October 2010

After getting the Jelly Beans they bought a lovely Anglo Nubian called Lilah who we are putting in kid as well. We are putting the Jelly Beans in kid as well and then finding them a new home together as we really don’t have room for them and I would like to keep ‘my pure breeds’, they will make someone very nice milkers.

Everything is very much feeling like autumn now, and starting to be about planning for next year.