Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Planning for next year

My first seed order has arrived for next year. I received the D.T Brown catalogue and as I have decided I need to grow more, or even just some, flowers next year I decided to order those along with a couple of new varieties and some seeds I can’t buy from The Real Seed Company later this year or at the start of next.

I bought Sweet peas – Singing the Blues and Horizon mixed, Cornflowers, Sweet William, Poached Egg Plant, Love in a Mist, Nemesia and lots of Sunflowers – Garden Statement, Ring of Fire and Earth Walker.

For eating I have bought some Cape Gooseberry – Golden Berry. Soya bean – Elena, Brukale – Petit Posy which is a new variety crossed between a Brussel Sprout and Kale and a climbing bean called Festival which is also a new variety and is like a runner bean that will stay on the plant for longer without becoming ‘old’. They also sent me a free trial seed Butterhead which is a lettuce.

I’m hoping to be much more organised with seed sowing next year (and everything else) especially with things like beans which I think have suffered from my lack of bed readiness for them, and then again from my refusal to water anything that was in and growing through the second spell of dry weather.

I only have room for four and a half more beds at the allotments and I am hoping I can have them finished by Christmas and be ready with a plan as to what is going where and when, although my crop rotation planning keeps being left for anything vaguely interesting as I have created a bit of a nightmare by mixing everything up so much this year. A rotation will also mean I know which beds, like the squash and bean beds, should be having all the manure heaped upon them over the winter months ready for a mammoth crop nexy year