Autumn beauties; some of the mushrooms we haven't been eating - 18th September 2010

 Well, I really hate to say this but Autumn seems to be well on its way. I am sure it is much earlier than last year, I hadn’t been on holiday yet last year and I remember that being mostly warm and sunny so it must be earlier this year. 

Any way, with the cooler, damper weather comes the mushrooms and this year is shaping up to an excellent year for them. The green across the road is full of Puff Balls, up the lane the Ink Caps are out in force and we are collecting Parasols wherever we go and those are just the ones we can spot from a mile off. 

Yesterday was a particularly good day and we filled a blue mushroom creat with Ink Caps, Parasols and Puff Balls without going anywhere other than on the normal rounds (e.g. checking the sheep, feeding the ponies, etc.) so hopefully in the next few weeks a mushrooming trip can be fitted in. 

Autumn picking; Ink Caps, Parasol and Puff Balls - 18th September 2010

Rhys made yesterdays pickings into a lovely wild mushroom soup which we had for dinner.

3 responses to “Mushrooms

  1. Last year it was dry and sunny throughout the whole of September – I even had a resurgence of strawberries!
    What a fab collection of mushrooms. I wish I knew the difference between edible and deadly mushrooms. Everytime I’ve tried to go on one of the courses the’ve been fully booked up. Hey ho, even experts get it wrong sometimes so I’ll content myself with shop bought ones

    • A life less simple

      I have started off a mustroom box at my allotment, it is like a wooden compost bin with some mushroom sporn that I got from the garden centre

  2. I’m a bit wary of spores after a nasty episode of mushroom workers lung from an overripe batch I inadvertently inhaled last year! I did buy a mushroom log from somewhere in the forest once and that produces about 3 mushrooms a year. Would try that again

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