Never ending craft projects

I think I am about to unpick the glove that I have started knitting. I am not following a pattern and I am not completely happy with how it is turning out but also now I have no idea how many rows of what stitch I have done so don’t hold out much hope for being able to make a second glove that looks the same, or even almost the same, by the end.

I am annoyed with myself. To date I have still not really finished a single craft project I have started. The ‘bag’ I am making out of the first wool I spun and knitted is still sitting in a bag with its button, popper and lining waiting for me to do something with. The bags of mohair that a friend gave me and I had clean and carded is still sitting in its bag. I have no less than four sawing machines of various kinds and states of repair sat doing nothing, two brother knitting machines, of which I have no idea of how to use, and my Victorian sock knitting machine are also sat doing nothing and I am sure there must be other forgotten things too.


I am just not sure how or when this will happen, as there is always just so many other things to do. Or maybe that is an excuse… But right now I am sat next to a tray of bare-rooted strawberries I was sent last weekend that I have put on the computer table so as I don’t forget again that I am meant to pot them up, there is a ton of washing that needs doing before it can all be fitted into the wardrobe out-of-the-way, the bedding needs changing and washing on both my bed and the kittens bed and that is all just within ten feet of me.

I don’t ever remember life being this busy when I was younger… Even unpicking my glove isn’t very high on my list of “to-do’s”, let alone starting all over again.

3 responses to “Never ending craft projects

  1. Be kind to yourself! you sound stressed which just makes us whir around in circles-you got me sorted with blog network thingys… I think.
    Don’t see them as unfinished failures see them as lovely things to do someother time when you don’t know what to do..

  2. Oh tell me about the busy-ness! I feel like I haven’t stopped in the past 4 weeks, and am slowly, after leaving home almost 10 years ago, to ‘find’ my domestic routine which means I can have time to do what I really *want* to do, without living in squalor.

    I also have a list as long as my arm of Things To Do, and am wondering if I should set aside a day in the week where I know that a) I won’t be working and b) I won’t be doing housework and c) I can just enjoy my time, just for me and my things.

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