Daily Archives: August 15, 2010

A little change to tea time

Evening cup of tea - 15th AUgust 2010

We drink a lot of tea as a family. “Put the kettle on” is often the first thing shouted in the morning and a proportion of each day is a signed to our traditional banter over whose turn it is to make and pour the next pot.

In the past month or so we have made an important change to our tea drinking habits as we now drink tea mostly made with tea leaves instead of tea bags. We have always composted tea bags but recently mother found out that although most of a tea bag composts down very easily there is something in the glue that is used to seal the bag that can take up to a hundred years to break down completely.

Using loose leaf tea also means less ‘factory time’ is need and less resouces too.

We still do have a box of tea bags in the cupboard for use for that single cup of tea made in the cup first thing in the morning, or for grabbing a handful to take to work (making tea in the middle of a field with loose leaves is not so easy) but the majority of tea is now made in the loose leaf fashion.