Introducing you to…

There are a few ‘somethings’ I have been meaning to introduce.  

Jones hand sewing machine - 1st August 2010


 I think it is beautiful and I much prefer it to the look and sound of electric machines which have put me off from learning to use a sewing machine for a long time as I worry about stitching my fingers!  

I have tracked down a local sewing class/group where I have been learning how to use it but it would seem that it needs a new shuttle before it will work probably, something which I still haven’t managed to track down so I have borrowed mothers electric machine to get started with.  

Yesterday was pay-day so I went on a little shopping trip and came back with these:  

Pay day shopping - 1st August 2010


I am going to try making some Log Cabin patch work pillow cases to start off with (I have been told not to try doing a full-sized blanket as a first project as many people do) and I am going to make some fingerless gloves with the giant balls of wool that I just couldn’t resist.  


Biscuit and her kittens eating their first ever proper meal of scrambled egg - 1st August 2010


The other new arrivals are a litter of kittens! At Christmas me and Rhys were given a kitten that need a new home, she is all black (like my cat who went missing last year) and we named her Biscuit. We didn’t plan to have kittens but instead didn’t get her to the vets to be stayed in time. 

I didn’t think I have ever even seem very young kittens, let a played with them so it is nice having them around. They are different from other kinds of baby animals, at two weeks old they still seem too young to play but will happily purr if you stork them. 

Today we gave them their first real meal as they have started eating fingers when being held, they had scrambled egg which two of them gobbled down, one wasn’t too sure about and the other was to busy trying to get a sneaky extra feed from its mother to take much notice.

8 responses to “Introducing you to…

  1. Your sewing machine is lovely! My first one was like that – I made a lot of mt own clothes in my teens with it and a dress or two for my mum 🙂 I hope you can get it working properly again as they are much more satisfying to use than modern electric ones – and easier on fiddly stuff!

    And as for the kittens! Ahhhhhhhhh! They are so much fun!

  2. Hope you enjoy sewing! That is a good looking machine 🙂
    I needed a sewing fix this afternoon, so got a scrap of fabric and started a bag! It took my ages to decide what to make, just felt I needed inspiration or a pattern! So went for a simple shopping bag in the end. I got loads of leather while on holiday, so I am keen to have a play with that and see what I can make.
    Those kittens are sooooo cute!! 🙂

  3. i love the old hand cranks

    and the kittens are adorable!

  4. Kittens are time wasters – I know this from experience! What will you do with them, rehome them or keep them all and have them spayed?

    You’ve also got me thinking about my sewing machine. I really need to learn how to use it, and rediscover my patience. One of my goals has been (for a long time) to be able to make my own clothes.

  5. How lovely! I used one of these old machines for a long time. They never, ever give up.

    great blog!

  6. alifelesssimple

    It is a lovely machine, just such a shame it needs one little part. If anyone has any leads on where to buy parts for old machines I’d be grateful as I sooo want to get it working and making things on it. I found needles with just a quick search but no such luck with the shuttle.

    At the moment we are going to keep one kitten and find homes for the other three, which we possibly already have so all we really have to do is enjoy them knowing they will have lovely new homes to go to when they are old enough… I would so like to keep at least two of them though 😉

  7. Crikey my machine is a Jones was a junk shop find for £ money i ever my bits for it from a little sewing shop..ebay are good for the kittys..i would keep them softy me..

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