Allotment 21/07/2010 – First courgette

First courgette of the year just before picking - 21st June 2010


Today has been warm with lots of little showers, prefect growing weather, and this evening I picked the first courgette. 

It is from seed bought from The Real Seed Company and it is a variety called ‘Striato d’Napoli’ and hopefully later in the year I can save my own seed for next year.

5 responses to “Allotment 21/07/2010 – First courgette

  1. Great, it’s a lovely feeling when you pick the first courgette. One of my favourite things to grow.

    Unfortunately I have been picking them for a while now, got another 7 today. I am now finding new ways to eat, cook, store, and sneak them into other recipes!!
    Today we had chilli (with courgette chopped in there, I steamed 9 for the freezer, the chickens had a couple and we also had courgette cake – made the other day)

  2. I think a courgette is the same as our zucchini? I found a really nice recipe for zucchini slice ( I like to add some fresh corn to mine. If made in a square or rectangular pan the pieces stack in the freezer really well. Goes lovely with a nice green salad!

    • alifelesssimple

      Yes, zucchinis and courgettes are the same thing (although I had always thought zucchinis were the same as cucumbers until I asked) thank you for the recipe 🙂

  3. We had our first cabbage from the garden for tea today

  4. like your stripey courgette. We’re knee deep in them at the moment but giving them away to friends is great.

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