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Allotment – June 2010


Courgettes and sweetcorn, second bed - 30th June 2010

GROWINGS: Work on the allotment has continued to carry on with an evening spent here, and a few hours spent there. Some weeks I get there more than others, even when I mean to get there more some evenings I do have to just come home and flop or catch up with other things but the first ‘plot’ or set of beds is now full and a couple of extra beds as well. Currently they are looking like this;  

Side bed: Onions, carrots and garlic 

Top bed: potatoes in tyres and pots 

Second bed (working down the plot): Beans, courgettes and sweetcorn 

Third bed: Purple sprouting and, if they ever germinate, beetroot (I have now made a second sowing of them and still nothing) 

Forth bed: Boston (or maybe Butternut) squash, sweetcorn and a self-sown potato plant 

Fifth bed: Butternut (or maybe Boston) squash, cauliflowers, 

Sixth bed (second plot): Runner beans,   

Waiting to be planted out: kale, cabbage, leeks, purple sprouting, cauliflower, romanesco, runner beans, french beans, broccoli, lots of squashes none of which I am sure what they are as I didn’t label them, radish, swede, 

I have been adding photos, from both this and last year, on Flickr. I love watching them as a slide show although it does mean you can’t tell when they are from. I need to remember to take more photos as everything is growing almost daily now. 

Last Sunday we hired a tipper truck and took three loads of the oldest muck heap we have at home to the plots, it is well rotted, even before getting the allotment last year it was rotted down enough to grow courgettes and sweetcorn in the year before and so should finish off the beds nicely. Oh and the worms… it is full of them. 

Salad blue potatoes - 2nd July 2010

The potatos have finally taken off and a few different sorts are flowering, there is a lovely mix of size and colour. Some blue, some pale pink, some white. There are a few self sown potatoes appeared on the beds, I have left them in as they aren’t in the way and planted round them but I couldn’t resist pulling at one of them the other evening and got four lovely blue salad potatoes which I split two for me, and two for my allotment ‘helper’. 

WILDLIFE: There are still rabbits on the plot, although they so far are not doing so much damage as last year but I have still invested in two live rabbit traps. The plan for these is that rabbits, who are not too little, pregnant or nursing does, can be used for meat, which will help in controlling numbers but of course leave a healthy population there. 

As well as the rabbits, there is a partridge with chick who I am yet to see but middle-younger-sister has, and now wild boar who have been breaking into plots to steal ripe strawberries. Not green fruit, not white fruit but juicy red fruit, and other than trampling things and damaging fencing they are leaving the plots and have only so far been digging and turning the ground at the highest point of the field where the plots are unused. 

I have noticed very few Cabbage White butterflies this year, last year they ate anything that was left uncovered but this year I think I have only counted three and over a very spaced out period of time. Maybe I am not seeing them, or am around at the wrong time of day to see them but that can’t be a good sign.

This weekend I am planning a big push to get everything out, fingers crossed it will happen!