Daily Archives: June 30, 2010

Shearing and a little surprise

A few years ago mother got her own set of shears, and since then we have done our own shearing. It takes a bit of time and is mostly done by mother, who holds the sheep, and middle-younger-sister who does the actual shearing. We only turn the sheep on their backs to do their tummies and mostly they are happy to stand there with a bowl of feed. 

This year we have been having a little fun when we mark them before turning them back out; 

Mid-day nap - 27th June 2010


Trend setter - 27th June 2010


A single flower - 27th June 2010


Cupcake bum - 27th June 2010


"Don't come any closer!" - 27th June 2010


The ewes have of course thought that we are being very silly and have spent time rubbing and smudging as much as they can but people are still passing by with looks of disbelief and delight on their faces. 

 At the weekend me and middle-younger-sister sheared a sheep whilst mother was out, it was a ewe who hadn’t lambed this year and middle-younger-sister feared it might have been because of damage cause by lambing last year. She was quite  tubby and when she sheared around her back legs middle-younger-sister found the ewe had a large udder! 

Just a few weeks earlier she had been checked over and the verdict had been she was not in lamb as she had not udder or any other signs. She lambed yesterday evening, a single ram lamb; 

Mother and baby - 30th June 2010