Country Markets

On Friday I attended my first local Country Market with some eggs.

Country Markets are what have taken over from WI markets as for some legal reason the WI was no longer able to carry on with the markets. They are run as co-operatives and so all the members take responsibly for making sure it runs smoothly and buy in packaging, etc. in bulk.  

It was a nice all be it an odd morning, the market runs like clock work and I wasn’t really sure what I should be doing as everyone has their job and gets on with. My eggs joined lots of jams, jellies and preserves, cakes and bread, plants and the first of the summer’s fruit and vegetables. I managed to sell three and a half-dozen eggs which will help ease the glut and pay for some feed! Up until this point they haven’t really had anyone there selling eggs so people wouldn’t have been really expecting to find eggs there, so I think it went well.

Country Markets are run all over the UK so it is worth having a look to see where your nearest one is, sadly they are seeing a downturn in customers all over the country at the moment which is such a shame as it is possibly one of the only ways of buying products direct from producers who are too small for larger outlets such as farmers markets or local shops who need a continues supply of stock.

4 responses to “Country Markets

  1. Just playing catch up! I LOVE your new banner and was so sorry to hear about Flat lamb. It was her who Verona saw give birth last year, so she’ll be sad to hear too. I shall tell her when she gets back and no doubt V will hold some kind of ceremony here for her 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing about the country market; they look fab and I loved your list of things you love – I’m big into Avocados and beetroot at the moment too and yes, the blossom has been breathtaking this year. When you come here to collect your Suma order I’ll introduce you to the roses around the front door; they are something that I love this time of year 🙂

    Hope you and your fam are well
    See you soon
    Rae x

    • alifelesssimple

      Yes, it was Flattie that V saw lambing last year. She is going to be missed and I’ll look forward to your roses!

  2. I like the idea of a country market…… I have been thinking more and more about getting some sort of stock together to do market/festival stalls. I don’t have the time or space to make the things i love to make so if i could earn/save some money to buy a studio i would be very happy. Do you still make things or are you to busy with ‘P.G’.

    • alifelesssimple

      I haven’t made anything for a while but have a few projects in the pipeline, if you want why not bring some things to a country market, or we could look at teaming up to put enough together for a stall?

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