My shiny new banner

My new banner, kindly made by Lou Tonkin

I have been writing this blog for over three years now, and the main reason I chose wordpress as my host was because I could make my own banner. Which I did over three years ago with my very dodgy photo editing skills and I loved it but just this past few months it has started to look for and more tired and out dated until I couldn’t take it anymore.   

My problem was I wasn’t sure how I wanted to change it, my photo editing skills have never gotten any better and I can’t draw  or paint to save my life, so I was over the moon when Lou Tonkin, a neighbour with a smallholding of her own, said she would put something together for me!  

Am I very proud to be unveiling it to you here.  

Lou is a very talented lady who seems to be able to turn her hand to anything she tries, she has just started her own blog to showcase her lovely work.  


Life has been very busy here for a while, which has hardly left any time for blogging and even less time when I have had enough wits about me to sit down and write about what is going on. As well as the normal animal care and food growing (and watering!) I have ended up working five or six days a week compared to my normal three days.  

My contract ran out at the begging of April, I was covering for someone whilst they worked else where for a year with the possibility that their contract would be extended and I would be able to stay on in my current job. At the start of April I had my contract extended for a month but it looked very likely that I would be out of a job at the end of the month. The company that I work for was very supportive, I did want to go and they didn’t want to lose me so some funding was found for me to stay but with only half the hours that I had had with the hope that the rest of my hours could be made up by taking more delivery at events and covering for holidays, etc.  

So I started to take on extra hours, and as many as I could to try to make up the short fall that my new contract would have left. Then just as I was getting ready to hand back and start on my new work the person I was covering for got another job, meaning I could keep my job!  

Since then it has been a mad rush catching up with the work that I was handing back, that had all been put on hold whilst the details were being worked out, and delivering the extra work that I had said I would do already. By the middle of this month fingers crossed it will have settled down a bit but I will still have the extra work that I would have had so will be working more days a week until the end of the funding next year.  

2 responses to “My shiny new banner

  1. that’s great news on your job! what a relief and good fortune 🙂

    banner’s looking great and i know how important things like that can be. gives the blog a nice identity.

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