Daily Archives: May 27, 2010

Somethings that I’m enjoying…

I made this list the other day whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil while trying to work out were to start on my work load and it made me feel much better. Possibly a little bit of a cheesy list but once I’d started I couldn’t write fast enough.

May Blossom - 26th of May 2010

  • Salad with french dressing, avocado and beetroot

  • New shoots growing and the days when a tray of seeds starts as some bumpy compost and by evening is a tray of little plants opening their leaves for the first time

  • Evenings on the allotment
  • Chance sightings of new-born lambs taking their first steps all over the ‘common’
  • Watching birds in amongst the sheep collecting nesting material
  • Finding pieces of small blue egg shells on the paths and lanes from newly hatched chicks
  • Corner-eye glimpses of deer with their changing colours 
  • The heavy scent of Bluebells and May Blossom on the sunnyest days
  • Watching the Elderflowers creeping closer whilst driving across the county each week for work