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Allotment 19/04/2010 – A tale of three rabbits

It started to rain when I got to the allotment, which pretty much sums up how the rest of my day went yesterday. Everything I tried to start to get done went wrong, I tried starting to convert an old trailer into a chicken house and found the wood I needed wouldn’t fit into the car to take to the field, me and mother went to trim some goats feet and they got out, three times. Me and Rhys went to get the right sized bolts for the new chicken house and got to the shop just as they had locked up. And so on…

It wasn’t an unpleasent rain, and no where never heavy enough to send me home and the visit turned the day around as I managed to cardboard and manure one and a half beds whilst  there. I got something done!

Baby rabbit hiding away at the allotment - 19th April 2010

Whilst moving wheelbarrows full of manure I saw a young rabbit appear from somewhere when my back was turned and run off up the site, I stopped and watched it for a while and then carried on. A few wheelbarrows later and another one appeared, this one seemed to have come from under the plastic sheet we had put down over the top of the muck heap. It didn’t run far and hide under some empty sacks that were on the ground not far away, so I went to have a look.

Looking around to see what has happened - 19th April 2010

I had a look at where it seemed to have come from and found a nest with another dead one in. It was an ideal place for a nest, kept dry by the sheeting and warm from the rotting down manure all around. I moved the dead one to the hedge and the other rabbit went back to see what was happening, before going off up the site like the other one had.

It was a nice little find but I’m sort of glad that they are no longer living on our plots, snacking on our growings just outside their home. I used most of the heap on the beds that I made and then most of the sacks that were up there already as well.

Lastly I watered everything, the onions and garlic are coming up nicely but no sign of the carrots yet, although it was getting dark by that point.