Allotment – 04/04/2010

Deciding what to plant; my 99p store haul, chitted potatoes and my plastic bag mat - 4th April 2010

I spent some time at the allotment this afternoon with mother and middle-younger-sister. We have had the plots since a year ago last Friday, the soil on the beds that were manured last year is so nice now.

Whilst we were there I planted out some garlic, onion sets (Setton) and sowed some carrots (two rows of Chantenay Red Cored 2 and one of Early Nantes 5) and planted the first potatoes, Mimi and Charlottes. I used a plastic bag peg loom mat to kneel on, it is one of the biggest mats I have made and was very comfy folded over a few times.

4 responses to “Allotment – 04/04/2010

  1. We went to the allotment yesterday too, but it was still far too wet to get anything done, if only this rain would stop long enough for it to dry out.

    • alifelesssimple

      Our plots are ok but one of the plot holders below us was there trying to dig a drainage ditch around his plot as the water was so bad, after he’dgone I had a nose round the other plots and his ditch was full of water

  2. I planted about 70 onions/shallots in the autumn but only about a handful survived the winter. It doesn’t always pay to be organised so I high tailed it to the 99p stores as well. Planted some garlic and red baron onions today. Hope yours produce a good crop this year.

  3. Karen @ The Garden Smallholder

    I did well with Setton last year and have planted sets again, so far so good. My garlic has been a disaster, it sprouted but then rotted off. I have put more in so fingers crossed!

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