Sun, sun, sun

I’ve had this last week off work, which has been useful as me and mother have been able to split the night and morning lambing shifts between us. It has been nice weather all week but I had my first assignment to do which I handed in yesterday, it doesn’t feel like I have spent much time outdoors at all really. But the sun has made lambing nicer, no walking around in the pouring rain or sitting in the drizzle whilst deciding if a ewe needs help or not, or even just walking around in mud all the time.

The goat kids have had a busy week too; mothers two have been disbudded (which stops them growing horns) and all of the babies have started to come away from their mothers at night so as we can milk in the morning. After a bottle the babies go back in with their mums for the day. 

I have chosen names for mine; the darkest one (with least white on her head) is Belladonna, Bella for short, named after her father Knightshade and the other is Briony. Mother still hasn’t chosen names for hers so they are still being referred to as ‘straight’ and ‘curly’ as one of them has a slightly wavy coat. We weigh them again yesterday and they have all double in weight, mothers two are 5.2 and 5.3kg, Bella is 3.3kg and Briony is 3.8kg

The weather today has been really warm… almost hot even… and the garden is starting to grow as well now. The Lemon Balm is sending up new shoots and the self-sown garlic bed has lots of sprouts coming through and the Raab 60 that I sowed at the end of last week is up and doing well. Today I have sown some Musselburgh Leeks and some True and Tender Parsnips. The leeks have been sown in module seed trays and the parsnips have been sown into toilet roll inner tubes, one or tube, so as they can be sown out without disturbing the roots.

6 responses to “Sun, sun, sun

  1. You’ve chosen lovely names for the kids. I chit my parsnip seeds before sowing them, I find that they germinate better this way. I’ve got Tender and True this year too.

    • alifelesssimple

      This is the first time I have grown parsnips, I have read that chitting them is a good idea but after reading ym favourite gardening book I decided not to, partly becasue I don’t really have the time and also because the low germination rate is normally down to sowing when it is still to cold. WIll see how it goes and maybe try that with another load if these don’t come up well though

  2. Something I’ve forgotten to plant Lemon Balm, thanks for the reminder, your Blog is wonderful.

    I am hoping to get goats in the not too distant future, so I will be back for more inspiration.

    Sue xx

  3. Despite the warm weather it’s not warm enough here in Yorkshire to sow seeds, though I’ve had to resow my Broad Beans in pots in the greenhouse, but now sign of growth as yet.

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