Goat photos

Lenka's kids. The prfect photo sujects - 8th March 2010

Cerys kids, "we will not sit for photos" - 8th March 2010

"What is she doing and do you have anything for us?" - 8th March 2010

8 responses to “Goat photos

  1. They’re so cute. Are you going to keep all the kids?

    • alifelesssimple

      We don’t have room to keep all of them, I might keep one but will have to sell one either later in the year or next spring before kidding and lambing again

  2. Has the ewe accepted her ram lamb? We are having to bottle feed one (in fact he is due a feed now) because Mum would only accept the first one she had – not him.

    • alifelesssimple

      She seems to have, but we are keeping an extra eye on them both as he just seems… a little to lazy for our liking but his belly always feels full now and he doesn’t seem to want his bottle after the first few sucks

  3. Such cute photos! I can’t wait until we get goats!! Such personalities.

  4. So cute ;0)
    We have wild goats in the hills near us.

    • alifelesssimple

      Is that were they were going to carry out a cull as they were getting into the local village off the hills?

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