Daily Archives: February 18, 2010

It happened again

Snow - 18th February 2010

Well, we are one of the worst hit areas of todays snow and the world outside is now white once again.

The sheep are already feed up and waiting at the gate for us to get on and do something about it. The geese (still no gander) are shut away again with chickens of all things, what do we think they are? And the goats are stood in the house looking out with “if you think I’m going out in that you can forget it” looks on their faces.

The pigs, however, where having mad races and were happy enough when I took them some extra bedding just before it got dark.

My seed orders have arrived though, just waiting on the seed potatoes now.

Lent rules

Ok, I am now on day two of Lent and am doing ok even when I got home from work yesterday and forgot and raided the fridge, I did stop myself in time. Today I stocked up on rice cakes as I did miss having a snack, normally a sandwich, to eat when I got home from work yesterday. I also got a few others bits.

I am giving up wheat as a staple not wheat for Lent, so those are the rules that I have for myself in my head after taking a look in the cupboards.

I cannot eat: bread, noodles, cake, pasta, pizza but of course if I can make these things without wheat flour then I can.

I can eat: stock cubes, soy sauce, hot chocolate, flavoured potato crisps.

I was going to get some peanut butter and honey to go on my rice cakes but couldn’t find a UK blend of honey among the blended honey from almost everywhere else in the world so I go an interesting looking apple and pear pure fruit spread which is not, although a little sweet if you spoon it on in the fashion that I do with almost everything.

I have started posting what I am eating in my facebook page and twitter feed (appears on the right hand side also)