Mindless, idiotic acts

Tuesday night we had a phone call from the police, a donkey had been reported as being loose in the village, was it ours? It most likely was, as far as I can think ours is the only in the village so we went off to search for her which didn’t take long as someone had tied her to the field gate… It would of been helpful if they can called to let us know she was there as if the police had managed to contact us then she might have been there all night. Everyone knows who’s she is and where we live.

When we got home the geese were out, or had been let out after they had been put to bed at dusk. The two females were there making a fuss at the gate as they know they shouldn’t be out at night but no sign off the gander. We searched in all the places he might have hidden himself, then all the place that he might have wander off to, then all the hidden places again, then further a field on foot and by car. Still no sign. We searched all the hidden places again and then check all the other chicken houses and his house just incase… still no sign.

There was nothing more anyone could think of to do other than hope that he came home in the morning. He didn’t. The next morning the postie joined us in our search whilst he did his round of the village. Still no sign and he is still missing.

We haven’t seen any sign that a fox has taken him so all we can hope is the he was stolen and is living a nice-ish life somewhere else. Hopefully.

It makes my blood boil! What the hell was the point of letting out our geese, they’ve never done anyone any harm. There is no point, none at all. As much as I remind myself that the world is full of nice people, there are still some f***ing idiots out there too.

10 responses to “Mindless, idiotic acts

  1. horrible

    perhaps they knew you would run after the donkey so they could steal your gander..

    horrible horrible


  2. I’m so sorry …how awful !! so cruel and thoughtless as well. I do hope the gander returns. Thankfully the donkey was OK

    Last year we had someone wander around our land one night – leaving gates open. Just the feeling someone had been there and never gave a thought to the harm the livestock could have come to made me furious how you must be feeling I can’t imagine.

    Best wishes x

  3. So sorry to read this – I really do not understand the mentality of some people and get so angry when they think it is all right to steal from others. Let’s hope the gander turns up safe and sound.

    Take care

    Rosie x

  4. what a worry. Goosey goosey gander, where do you wander? hope he pecks a trail back to you Poppy.

  5. How stupid are some people?
    Really hope he finds his way home, or someone finds him.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this. You just don’t know how these people’s minds work. I hope the gander turns up.

  7. Thanks everyone, still not news and it was a week ago today so not very hopeful. He was very tame so if he had just wandered off I think someone would of come across him as he’d have been out looking for someone with his dinner

  8. So sorry to read this, some people just make me soooo mad!

  9. There was a goose turned up just outside Hereford – the RSPCA have posession – if it’s yours then that would be nice 🙂

    Sorry to hear about this situation 😦

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