Daily Archives: February 12, 2010

Needed recognition

My contract for my current job runs out at the end of March, which is something I’m been stressing about, possibly mostly as it’s a bit of an unknown. I’ve never had an end date for a job before and I love this job so much.

Since I started it I just feel like such a healthier, positive, valued employee and person, which is so different from how my last job and employers made me feel. I’ve been telling myself that it’ll be fine, so long as I have enough to keep my animals and allotments I’ll be fine and won’t mind what I do. interesting job seem so hard to come by at the moment, especially local interesting jobs. 

On Tuesday I had a meeting with my team leader / manager / director / founder of the company (I’m not really sure what to call her) to talk about my annual report which is the first one I have ever written and was stuck with what I thought was a long way to go but as it turns out is nearly done after all… Any way, before we started we had a chat about how the project is going, what is happening in the other districts, and funding.

The first piece of good news is the person I am covering for is going to be needed where he is for an extra month, so my contract is going to be extended to cover this period.

The second, bigger, piece of good news they like my style of work and value my input into the organisation so much they are basically creating a whole new job just for me! Some of it will be carrying on with what I have been doing, as I have managed to under-spend by £10,000, some on new funded projects (if we can get the funding) and some of it will be working in other districts.

The finally details of what I will be doing still need working out and finalising, but I will have another years contract and I’m happy.