We now have two pigs…

Old spot pigs - 5th February 2010


Exploring the pen - 5th February 2010


Rooting around - 5th February 2010

 They are Gloucester Old Spots and for meat. They are currently in part of the vegetable garden doing a very nice job of digging it over and getting rid of the nettles and their root system.

5 responses to “Pigs

  1. Lovely !!! I do like pigs 🙂

  2. yay, birthday pigs. You can name one after me :o) No don’t, I know where they’ll end up!

  3. I love pigs. They’ll do a good job of turning over the veg patch for you.

  4. yay. i want pigs again…

  5. That’s a fine looking pig. How old are they? How do they get on with shifting the nettles. My Saddlebacks tend to work around nettle patches.

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