Daily Archives: February 2, 2010

Febuary already

I had so much I wanted to blog about in January. My ‘being more organised’ has been working and I had it all planned out, the part where I think it has fallen down is my time management skills. 

Hopefully my being more organised skills will start to work some magic in this area… The hardest thing for me is taking account of how long things take. For example in my head I work 10am – 6pm Mon – Weds, but it just isn’t the case in reality, I often have meetings that start before 10am or I have to travel to and I don’t really finish work ever until 6.30 – 7pm by the time I have packed up and sorted any last little bits out. Then there is the journey home. 

Then on my days off, sometimes feeding the animals will take half an hour other times it could be spread out over a few hours. And my days off aren’t always days off, Thursday is a day off in my head but this Thursday I am working some extra hours so it isn’t really, but come Thursday morning it will feel like a day off because I don’t have to leave for work until 2.30 (but in my head that is 3pm because thats when I will arrive at work) 

There are all these half an hour here, and hours there that I have just not learnt to factor into everything. 

I want this blog to be up-to-date and current but I think with my being organised head on I am going to have to say that, yes, there are lots of things in my life that I would like to blog about, but I don’t always have time to write about them on the day, or sometimes even week that they happen. But to solve this, it is alright for me to write about things after they have happened, maybe even a while after they have happened. And maybe having time to reflect on something will mean what I am writing about is more enjoyable to read instead of just waffle… 


Icy snow - 30th January 2010

The was more snow on Friday, only a dusting but it turned to ice as soon as the sun went down. 

The roads all weekend were icy with patches of black ice everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be much road sense among a lot of drivers, young and old, I’m possibly an over careful driver. If it is dark I slow down, if it is foggy I slow down more, if there is ice on the roads, it is foggy and it is dark I only drive if I have to and SLOWLY. I’m not talking a walking pace here but maybe 30 – 40mph on open country roads (where there are deer or wild boar to jump out on you even on clear nights) and maybe as slow as 20mph on single track country roads. I drive like this because I feel it keeps me and other people safer and I get so annoyed with silly idiots who over take me to speed off at 60mph in front of me. Where is it they have to be that’s so important any way? Wherever it is I have been left off the invite list. 

Sheep herding: walking the mischief makers home - 30th January 2010

Of course on Saturday morning, when the worst black ice was around, four off the ewes decided to head off towards out of common. I walked them most of the way back to where they should have been, with only one scary moment when a van came over the top off the hill, onto a patch where there is normally water across the road which thankfully wasn’t there as it would have been an ice patch, far too fast for the conditions towards us. 

(here ends the unplanned rant about other drivers, I only meant to post the nice photos I took, honest!) 

Normally I completely agree that sheep are stupid, I am a goat person so I would, but they did seem to be listening to me. I would say things like “car move over please” and they would form an orderly line, all on one side of the road so as the car could pass safely. Our sheep are free-roaming out on the common so I guess they are use to roads but I was very impressed with them.