Today has made everything better. There is still just as much snow and ice as yesterday, with even more snow forecast for tomorrow and even a few snow showers today but this morning middle-younger-sister arrived with animal supplies, our hayman delivered a big round bale for the sheep and goats and four small bales at the cows field and we got out of the village for people supplies later in the day.

Everyone has something and enough to eat for some days to come.

This morning the goats seem to have given up on their part-hibernation and not only got out looking for something to do (their gate is frozen and not shutting probably) but are eating well again. For the last few days they have eaten but there has been no enthusiasm for it, which is a big weight lifted for me.

This morning Rhys went through the feed shed looking for the sheep minerals, which still remain hidden or maybe don’t exist?, and found extra feed that we had forgotten we had including half a sack of calf milk, wheat and an unopened sack of ready grass.

Now that we are stocked back up this evening we can relax a little, even with more snow on the way, and enjoy roast potatoes and gravy for dinner!

2 responses to “Sigh

  1. It’s good feeling isn’t? I can relax now the feed store is full and we have plenty of hay and straw to keep us( well the animals) going.

  2. Phew! That must be a load off! It has been rather stressfull having livestock recently. Hope yours continue to weather well… and thanks for visiting my blog :o)

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