Daily Archives: January 8, 2010

The ‘S’ word

The last snow fall that we has been the worst yet…

Snow on the gate post at the cows field - 6th January 2010

I have been walking up to feed and check on the cows since it came down, above is the gate post on the first day it fell… and below is the same gate post today;

The gate post at the cows field - 8th of January 2010

 Not much different really. We have been snowed in for three WHOLE days now, normally when there is snow or ice we are able to get out at some point during the day but the road as just been too bad. I have even seen four-wheel drives slide back down the road.

Today I have been tired, cold and grumpy. We have to get out of the village tomorrow or we will run out of animal feed. We are running low on fire wood and coal and everything is just a worry… Are the goats warm enough, will they still be warm enough if it gets as cold as is forecast tonight, have the sheep eaten enough, and so on… We will manage whatever happens but it puts an extra unwanted strain on everyone and thing.