Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Present lists

Firstly, just to make completely sure that this cannot be mistaken, I like and am grateful for all the presents that I received over Christmas and the thought that has gone into them.

Now for the “but”… I don’t know where to keep any of it. I am having a real downer on “things” and “clutter”, not that I am thinking of a single present as clutter but it all adds up to more stuff, and I am sure that more “stuff” is only going to keep me happy or entertained for a finite amount of time. It is all stuff that I will value and treasure and use, but…

I am not an easy person to buy presents for; there is just never anything that I really need or want and most of the time I have no idea what I would like for Christmas or Birthdays so if I don’t know what I’d like how is anyone else going to stand a chance of knowing.

This year I want to cut down and cut back to what is really important, the things that are going to get me closer to “the good life” and stuff is just not going to help me with that.

For example, me and Rhys were given a few cheese collections, which is an ideal present in most ways. We both like food, and cheese is one of my favourite foods, it is a gift that we/I will enjoy, but it did remind me that one of the things on my long list of “things I am looking at”  is cheese cultures and cheese wax. A gift of a set of, or one or either of these I would be over the moon with and it would help me on my quest for self-sufficiency. Another example; I’ve been given some of those bathroom-bubble-bath-shower-smellies sets, again something that I will enjoy but what I would have really liked is a book of recipes for making these things myself leaving me with the nice-smellie-things but without the empty plastic bottles when I have finished and the pretty box/basket that I will keep and use to sort more “stuff”.

Does that all sound amazingly ungrateful of me?

I don’t mean it to at all. I desperately want out of the “stuff” part of life, “stuff” is meaningless at the end of the day, but I do need “things” and enjoy “things” it is just getting the balance right. The solution that I have come up with is lists, I just hope no one is offended by them (I will try writing a nice letter and include that with it, everyone likes nice letters…)