Daily Archives: December 30, 2009

30th December 2009

Sheep in the snow - some time between Christmas and New Year

Even more snow yesterday, loads of it. It was expected and had been forecast that by 9am yesterday morning we would have about 4″ of it so that  the rain that we woke up to and continued all morning was not what we were expecting. The rain did a good job, it cleared all the last little corners of frostie snow and then carried on for a few more hours, soaking everything. Then it turned to sleet then snow which just carried on but didn’t settle as everything was so wet.

Until about 3pm when everything turned white, Rhys was sent home from work as they closed because of the amount of snow falling and now settling. We made a rushed visit to the donkeys, topping up their hay, whilst others went out to top up on people supplies, coal and toilet roll.

Facing up the valley from the donkeys field, the snow doesn't settle as much here because the river is so close - sometime between Christmas and New Year

On the way back from the donkeys we tried carrying on to collect Rhys from the bus, to find that we couldn’t carry on up the hill. We slide back down the hill to home. Calls were made to others “come home now or you won’t get home, anything you haven’t got we can live without” and then I sat on hold to the bus company to see if in fact Rhys was able to get home. Not that there was anything I could do if there buses weren’t running.

Luckly the bus got him within about four miles of the village and onto the road where he was collected by the others on their way back home.

I’ve got a cold, so after everything was done I curled up with lots of blankets and started knitting up the wool I spun. I’m still not really sure what to make from it, I’ve seem a hat design that I like and I thought I could make something similar (I don’t have circular needles big enough to make the same) and maybe some mitten type things to go with it? But then this morning I started thinking maybe I should just knit the whole lot into a scarf. Any way after casting on and knitting two rows I broke the nice wooden needles that I was using so I don’t have to make up my mind right now as I can’t carry on with it until I have some more.