Daily Archives: December 18, 2009

Clouds with pink linings

A hard frost on holly leaves - beginning of February 2009

It snowed a little yesterday afternoon, not enough to settle but it is very cold.

As soon as the snow started we went to collect extra hay and straw in case we got snowed in, as we drove the snow stopped and we studied the clouds for signs of more snow.

Snow clouds have a pinky colour to them; by the time we were driving home most of these clouds had cleared.

This morning there is frost on the ground but no sign that there has been more snow over night. It feels like mid-winter now, the sun rise was spread out low in the sky and looked like it wasn’t going to bother moving any higher.

The winter Solstice is two more mornings away now. I remembered a winter Solstice a few years ago where the sun rise just hung low in the sky like this morning’s. I have lit the stove and me and Rhys have had a breakfast of left over leek and potato soup, it would be nice to stay here all day and potter but the plan is to venture out into town to finish Christmas shopping…