Potato planning: A plan

During the wet weather this weekend I’ve sat down and gone through the potato seed catalogue and decided what I think is going to be best to grow next year. Potatoes are very much a staple food here, but even so I did go a little over board with my seed potato buying this year and, partly as a result of having too many to plant and them going out too late, we got a very poor harvest.

Next year I have decided to scale back on potatoes but still have a go. I’ve picked out one for each type; first early, second early, etc.

For the first early I am going to try Mimi again, even though we didn’t get a single one this year I would still like to give them another go. They are a dwarf variety and meant to do very well in tubes but the tubes I had didn’t seem to have enough drainage and so kept flooding and becoming waterlogged. Next year I am going to try growing all the potatoes in tyres on the allotment so this won’t be a problem, unless we geta LOT of rain.

For the second early I’ve chosen Charlottes, I know we like this variety and even though it is a salad potato when it is available in the shops we use it for all sorts. They also seem a reasonably popular variety so I hope this means that they do well.

For the early main I have picked Maris Piper, Rhys requested that we had one ‘Maris’ in the selection as he likes floury potatoes, so here we have it. Also as with Charlottes, it is a variety that we’ve heard of and indeed have had several sacks of this year alone so hopefully should do well. 

And finally, for the main I’ve chosen  Druid, which according to the catalogue has ‘huge yeilds’ and is ‘ideal for the organic grower’ because of its resistence. I don’t really think of us, or the way that we grow food at home, as organic growers but I suppose we do.

I’ve already started a bed on the allotment for potatoes, one of the new beds has been lined with cardboard then a layer of manure and now I am adding old tyres with more manure in ready for the spring.

5 responses to “Potato planning: A plan

  1. sounds like a great plan and I’m so impressed that you are thinking of next March already; I’m much more disorganised than that.
    Charlottes are my absolute favourite – we grow them every year 😉

  2. I’m undecided about potatoes next year I really am. I’ve never had fantastic yields and the last lot I grew (Golden Wonder) had a thick russet skin that looked like scab but wasn’t. There was a lot of peeling involved, which I don’t normally do because it gets rid of the good fibre of the potato, and they were a bit bland and unappetising too!

    I’m thinking this year I may buy a huge sack from a farm and devote the bed to something else!

  3. I haven’t chosen which varieties I will be growing next year yet. This year I had alot of slug damage, so I will either grow varieties with some resistance or else just try different varieties to see how they do.

  4. i like the sound of Druid – might have to try that one ourselves

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