Daily Archives: October 24, 2009

Falling back

View point on a misty morningThis morning it was dull, misty and drizzly, and it hasn’t really gotten much better all day. This photo was taken at the view-point at the top of our road, normally you can see right over the Wye Valley and across into Wales and even further on a clear day but this morning you could hardly see into the next field down.

I was up early this morning and off out in search of flaked peas to mix up the goats feed but came back empty-handed, that is three different feed merchants we have been to, two had run out and the third was charging over £11 per sack!

Sheep grazingThe garden is covered in Ash leaves and the roads are covered in fallen leaves of all colours, it is very beautiful but mixed with the drizzle it is very slippery. Autumn is here. When the leaves are coming down like this I always want to let the goats out on them but it is always to windy and I don’t incase they spook and something goes wrong.

The clocks go back tonight, after half term I will be working in the dark and getting home well after it has gotten dark. I’m looking forward to it in one way, and not in another. Next week is going to be very busy with half term, long days and extra play sessions means I have written the week off for anything else.