Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Pass the parcel

I have been having a big sort out of lots of things, books, videos, clothes and even a bookcase have been offered on freecycle and I am really looking forward to having more room and being better organised (yeah right!).

I have also been sorting out my seed boxes, yes I have more than one and there are odd packets dotted around my room, and have filled a chocolate box with packets that I either have more than a couple off or seeds that I have been given that I am not likely to grow, some are whole, unopened packets and some are half packets but most should grow and all are unneeded by me.

I could offer them on freecycle but what I would like to do is arrange a ‘seed swap parcel’, there have been some organised on forums I have belonged to but there has always been a massive list of people waiting for the parcel to be passed to them so I would like to arrange my own with the seeds that I have sorted to start it off.

So what I need now is people to pass the parcel to; and for them to pass the parcel to next.   

The rules of the swap are simple, when you receive the parcel take out what seeds you like the look of and think you will grow, add any seeds you have that you no longer need or want and pass the parcel on. If you would like to be involved then leave a comment saying so and leave an email address (but please do not leave postal addresses), when you receive the parcel contact the person who has commented after you and send that parcel on to them. At the end send it back to me!

I thought it might be nice to include a letter of what the weather is like or anything garden or nature related that you have spotted, and maybe what you have taken out of the parcel but it would all just be for something nice and interesting so I don’t mind if no-one else likes the idea of this.