Daily Archives: September 28, 2009

Dorking chicks

Whilst I was away some of my Silver Dorking chicks hatched

In the end I only ended up with six eggs as the seller who I bought the second half a dozen from chickens stopped laying. When I candled the eggs at twelve days then five out of the six seemed to have chicks in so I was a little disappointed to only have two chicks hatch, especially as I never normally bother to candle eggs, but they are still very sweet.

Allotment 28/09/09 – From plot to plate

I’ve spent the afternoon at the allotment, weeding, tidying and digging over and manuring empty beds.

PICT0143I also did some harvesting, the last of the runner beans as the plants have some sort of rust on them which has halted new flower buds so they have now come up, beetroot and courgettes which seem to be picking up again.

There are a few changes happening at the allotment, our plots are right on the edge nearest the car park so we have very good access to our plots but not everyone has so we have agreed to give up the top two beds worth of our plots so as a track can be put through to the middle of the plot so as other people can have better access and be able to have things like manure delivered, in return we are getting almost one and a half plots extra at no extra cost. There is enough room for another ten beds on top of the four that we will be losing so a very good deal.

PICT0153When I got home from the allotment I turned some of the produce into a tastie snack. Garlic courgette with cous-cous and grated beetroot.

Method (just in case anyone is interested): slice the courgette  along with the garlic, I used half a bulbs worth off garlic but do like the taste. Add to a pan along with some butter, simmer until soft and then add the cous-cous and mix well. Grate the beetroot and mix that in too and all done.

The courgettes, garlic and beetroot were all home grown, the cous-cours and butter were not but the butter will be from next May.