Birds of a feather…

8725_1208283599663_1005885323_30644515_8310155_nIt is odd, how even though the goats all live together, even the males, they form much ‘deeper’ relationships with in their own breed or type. We have three breeds of goat, Anglo Nubian, Golden Gursney and British (or maybe it’s pure?) Toggenburgs.

They seem to nature form families within their own breeds, even though some of the goats have known each other much longer than others or lived in the same house with others, whenever they are all living together for any amount of time they break of into their little units.

It is very sweet to watch, but can be mind-boggling if you spend much time thinking about why they behave like this.

One response to “Birds of a feather…

  1. I have found this same behaviour with hens and if not the same breed type, similar colouring..

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