New arrivals

Last Thursday we had two, or should that be three, new arrivals.

Image1The first two we have been waiting for for about six weeks. Our new cows! 

We now have a black Dexter heifer, who is in calf and due next May, and a steer to keep her company until her calf arrives. They seem so small and delicate up to our other cows, even our last Dexters. They are more nervous of people then any of our last cows, but they will settle down. When they arrived in the lorry the people got out and were amazed at the view as it is all flat where they are, so even our field, which is on a hill, is something completely new to them. They seem friendly though, and stand behind the thistles watching us to see what we are doing or if we have bought anything worth them being interested in.


The other new arrival was my spinning wheel. I have finally given in, and not given up but put on hold spinning with a drop spindle which is very slow, and am now the proud owner of a Louet S15. (thank you mother.) It took me a while to get the hang of spinning on it but, touch wood, it seems to be going ok. I have just ran out of wool now to spin!

It is much faster then using a drop spindle, and it seems much easier to get a more even thread.

3 responses to “New arrivals

  1. How lovely! We would so love enough land to have cattle ….of any description or number.

    Years ago I used to milk and cows are still my first love as far as livestock go.

    Good luck with your spinning, it’s not something I have ever done.

  2. roll on Autumn for nights spent in doors spinning :o)

  3. Cingrats on the new wheel, spinning this time of the year is great as the nights draw in. I’m busy washing fleeces in this mild weather so that I’ve got some choice of what to spin this winter.


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