Allotment 04/09/09

Well, I think an up-date on the allotment is well and truly over due by now but there doesn’t seem to be that much to report. We have been harvesting courgettes and beans and of course the kale but other than weeding and taking manure up there for new beds and to add to the beds already in use there is nothing much to do.

8725_1207510260330_1005885323_30642366_6866346_nI have bought some onion sets to go up there, but haven’t planted them out yet.

On Bank Holiday Monday we spent a good hour up there weeding and the wildlife on the site is very good, their are lots of ladybirds and ladybird larvae, there is starting to be a good build up of worms, no where near as many as there are at home but I don’t think there ever will be. There are still the rabbits, on of which was found hiding in the courgette bed the other evening, and then there are the frog-lets, we have seem a few but most are not happy to sit for photos unlike this one who was more than happy to sit for ages on middle-younger-sisters hand and then just sat there for a while when she put it back on the ground.

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