Severn Bore

6009_1201923280659_1005885323_30627260_7375593_nEven though I have lived here since I was nine, I still don’t feel like I have seen that many of the ‘tourist-y’ things that the area has, the things that if I was on holiday here I would most likely make an effort to go and see but as I live here and have no plans what-so-ever of leaving the area then they just get pushed back by the day-to-day routine and tasks.

This year I promise myself that I would change some of that and so last Friday night, and then again on Saturday morning we went Severn bore spotting. I’m not really sure what the bore is or why it happens, I’m not even sure that anyone else does, but basically it is a wave that comes backward up the river Severn.

I saw my first one ever on Friday night, it was dark but as we’d been there for an hour or so before, and you have to go that early or you never find a place to park, then our eyes had adjusted to the light so we could still see what was coming up the river. Then we went out again on Saturday morning to see the next one, it was a very bright and clear morning but the bore wasn’t as good. It reached our first spot ten minutes late and didn’t spread across the river as well as it had done the night before. After it had gone past us we jumped in the car and followed it up the river to the next spot.

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