Missing cat

My cat has gone missing.

No one has seem her for a couple of weeks now, I do hope she’s alright…


7 responses to “Missing cat

  1. 😦 😦 I hope your cat turns up soon; it’s so horrible when they go missing.

  2. 😦 i hope she turns up safe and well too. have you tried all the local vets? They ar always rehoming injured cats that are brought in and have lost their owners…

  3. noooooooooo! is she chipped? i hope she finds her way home safe and sound soon x

  4. alifelesssimple

    Thanks everyone, still no sign. I have tried the vets and the local cats protection league but no she’s not chipped.

    She did disappear for about a week a few years ago and came back fine but she is ten or more now which makes me more worried for her

  5. Praying she comes back soon, it’s the not knowing that is so awful.

  6. Just keep postering and nagging people… get everyone on the case. Some people think they’re doing the right thing by taking in what they think are stray cats, not realising they actually belong to someone!

    Good luck, hope she ambles home soon and hopefully someone has just mistakenly taken her in. Register with your local RSPCA, and as I said, poster, poster, poster like mad. Take care xxx

  7. Sorry about your missing cat try findmypet; twitter your cat, craigslist and backpage ads, also pet alert a little costly but worth what they do. email all the information to all shelters, rescues and vets, groomers in the area too pass out flyers around town and make the posters stand out with neon poster board with plastic covers on the ads! Dont give up if the microchip is in, some cases people find them years later, make sure to go online and update the information and report missing right away!

    By the way Creamy is famous on WPEC12 her missing flyer was on the news Sunday August 15th for the microchip company! I left for Texas in June temporarily. My cat was supposed to come to me, but my spouse decided he wanted to take care of her rather than taking her to my friends house as agreed. She lived around the neighborhood, and had many cat friends around (to those who had the black and white tuxedo cat, grey cat and the orange tabby these were her best friends!) Since 2001, she loved the deck and hanging at the pool and visited the elderly neighbors next door in Sterling Village. I have since reported her missing since June actually in hopes that I would get her back sooner. All the vets, pet places, ALL animal shelters, rescue leagues and those animals that are registered with safe return and find my pet have been notified. My friends, family, neighbors and animal control, members of the police patrol and others, have been aware of this and notified. Creamy is 11 years young, Medium build, front claws declawed, Big blue eyes kind of crossed, spayed with a microchip and also insured. She may not come close to you, but you may try to entice her with wet cat food and also cat nip. She will not bite and she is friendly. If you see her, please call me 972 335-1588 (texas number you will need to leave a message I screen all calls I dont recognize) or if your not sure its Creamy feel free to email me pictures and its okay to net her safely or use a have a heart trap. Safe Return pays for all the expenses for her to fly to me feel free to pass this information to anyone you know!
    I miss you all and the neighborhood and most of all the ocean the MAIN reason why I moved to Florida in 1998!
    Heather (please respond to my ad or simply call)

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