In season week #47


artichoke*, aubergine*, beetroot*, broad beans*, broccoli*, carrots*, celery, chillies*, courgettes*, cucumber*, fennel*, french beans*, garlic*, kohlrabi*, leeks, lettuces & salad leaves*, mangetout*, onions*, pak choi*, peas*, peppers, potatoes (maincrop)*, radishes*, rocket*, runner beans*, spinach, spring onions, turnips, watercress*, wild nettles


apricots*[i], bilberries*, blackberries*, blueberries*, cherries, figs[i], gooseberries, greengages*, kiwi fruit*[i], lemons[i], loganberries*, melons*[i], nectarines*[i], oranges[i], peaches*[i], raspberries*, redcurrants*, strawberries, tomatoes*, whitecurrants*


basil*, chives*, coriander, dill, oregano*, mint*, parsley (curly)*, parsley (flat leaf)*, mushrooms (cultivated), mushrooms (wild), rosemary*, sage*, sorrel*, tarragon*, thyme*


beef, chicken, lamb*, pork, rabbit*, venison, wood pigeon*

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