Kiwi fruit


I have a have a kiwi plant, it was my birthday present. I have liked the idea of having a kiwi plant since last year when I read about a new verity that had been bred to better suit our climate, the down side is that it’s fruit are the size of grapes which isn’t very big.

My kiwi is a ‘Jenny’, this verity is “A self fertile variety avoiding the need to grow male and female forms for a successful crop of fruit. Ideal for growing through trellis work or against a sunny wall, where it can be supported and trained. It’s creamy white flowers have a delightful rose-like fragrance with fruits being ready for picking from late summer.”

I don’t really know much about growing them, so if anyone has one or has any tips then please share them with me!

3 responses to “Kiwi fruit

  1. no tips I’m afraid. Will watch with curiosity as your plant grows. Will you get fruit this year do you think?

  2. Hope your kiwi tree progresses well. We have two, male and female, growing outside in our courtyard. They might reach to twine with each other by the end of the summer, so no fruit this year!

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