July’s LETS meeting

Last night was the July LETS meeting and market, in the summer the meetings start at 6.30pm which makes getting to them when I finish at 6pm or after but this meeting wasn’t to far from work so I got there just after it started. There was already most people there by the time I got there and it had a busy ‘isn’t-it-nice-to-be-meeting-outside’ buzz about the place.

The meeting part of the ‘meeting and market’ is a very informal meeting. We all turn up lay out our produce and bits and wander round inspecting what everyone else has got and chatting. Last nights meeting was at a picnic site so we all laid our stuff on the tables, if you find something you like you call across to who ever’s ‘stall’ it is and ask what they want for it, some are more organised and put price labels on things. A lot like a carboot really.

About half an hour after I’d got there ‘the bread lady’ arrived and everyone flocked round for a loaf of freshly make bread. I didn’t get one though as I like homemade bread when it is hot from the ovan best.  

It was a very nice evening, as always.

2 responses to “July’s LETS meeting

  1. aha, that’s what LETS is all about!

  2. alifelesssimple

    LETS stands for Local Exchange Trading System, it’s a very nice way of swopping things no longer need, extra plants or produce ot things that you do need or like.

    There is a link to the main website in my ‘websites’ list if you are interested in finding out more or where your nearest group is

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