Cracking time

GoslingsWe had thunder in the area last week, we didn’t have a storm here but we did have a huge crack of lighting over the house that cracked some of the eggs my dad had under a broody. One egg has hatched and the others have been put into the incubator just in case as she started sitting on half a dozen and has ended up with ten under her.

Some of the goose eggs hatched, three. They are our first ever goslings and very sweet. The brooder is starting to look nicely filled, as well as the three goslings there is the Silver Dorking chick and a Muscovy chick. From the markings when it first hatched I think it is a cockeral, but now that it’s feathers are coming through I’m not so sure. It would be nice if it was a hen but then I would need to get another cockeral if I kept it. Oh well, we’ll will just have to wait and see.

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