HDRA’s 10 easiest veg to grow

HDRA‘s last newsletter had a list of the ten easiest vegetables to grow along with it’s monthly to do list, I was pleased to see that most of them we are already growing but there are a few I need to work on.

French Beans: Some planted yesterday and more sown. This year as well as the ‘normal’ green french beans I also have a yellow and purple vertiy and Borlotto verity.

Beetroot: hopefully we will get a crop of these, if the rabbits stop nibbling them, there is still time to sow more though. Beetroot is the ‘nations best selling seed’.

Courgette: Some planted out yesterday and lots more to go out onto the allotment, I got a bit carried away with them and we have round ones, and long ones. Dark green and light green and yellow verities. Last year we froze a lot of them were eating them well into the winter.

Summer lettuce: I have lots of seeds but still need to get some going.

Spring and autumn onion sets: spring bulb’s planted and growing, a little to early for autumn sown ones.

Peas: Fingers crossed! More sown yesterday.

Pumpkin or winter squash: Some planted out yesterday and more coming along.

Rocket: There isn’t as much as could be growing but there is some in the garden and some growing on in pots.

Outdoor tomatoes: Potted on and hardening off.

2 responses to “HDRA’s 10 easiest veg to grow

  1. Hiya,

    Glad you managed to pick up the plants. The brussel sprouts didn’t survive I’m afraid, but I put three cucumbers out there instead, in the toilet roll tubes.

    Happy planting and see you next week!
    Rae x

    • alifelesssimple

      Thank you they are great, was just getting to email you to find out what the cucumbers were, are they indoor or outdoor do you know?

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