As deer to me as cup cakes

deer-247x300 Verona has given me this award, thank you! I often mistake deer for German Shepherds when I see them moving through the woods, there is a lot of deer near to here and there is even some white stags and a white doe now too.

White deer are seem by some as very good and magical and it made people very hopefully when the white stag, and then the white doe, were spotted. Sadly the white stag that lived near us was killed on the road the morning after I first saw him.

I would like to share this award with Jo from LittleFfarm as I have been thinking a lot about her and her yummy ice cream since the Tewksbury Food Festival and A Shade of Lavender as I really enjoy her blog and I know what a boost it is to be given an award.

3 responses to “As deer to me as cup cakes

  1. Well done on the award poppy, it is well deserved as you have a great blog, and thank you very much for sharing it with me. You are completely right it is such a boost to receive an award especially when you are just starting out, thank you!

    • alifelesssimple

      You’re very welcome.
      By the way I wasn’t able to leave a comment for you for some reason, it just doesn’t come up with a box to write anything in. I wanted to tell you I like the new layout of the site

  2. Thank you. I really wanted a template that had 3 columns and this one worked well. Thanks for the note about the comments as well, goodness knows what I had done but I’ve managed to fix it and it all seems to be working now.

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