Just in time

Well, me and Rhys finished planting out the first lot of kale just as the rain started to water it in. I feels so odd for it to be raining after all the hot weather last week but the garden does need it. It hasn’t been a down pour but a slow pleasant dripping, it is still warm.

Prefect growing weather

2 responses to “Just in time

  1. It’s amazing how much everything seems to have shot up with all this rain. Our cabbages look like they’ve doubled in size overnight! Growing your own certainly makes you appreciate the rain more!

  2. We have about 5 brussel sprout plants, some lettuces and tomatoes desperate for a home – would you like them tomorrow?

    If not, I’ll pop them on Freecycle.

    You’ve got something on V’s blog too 🙂

    Rae x

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