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Sheep up-date

Lambs sunbathing on an old bonfire patch

Lambs sunbathing on an old bonfire patch

We have 18 lambs now, including 4 badger faced ewe lambs and some black ewe lambs as well.

Cobweb had triplets again but they were possibly premature, one was still born and another one just faded away after it was born. Her remaining one is doing well though.

pict0125Maizie had a giant lamb, it was so big it had to be delivered one foot at a time as they were too big to come out together. After it was born Maizie just stood there with a look of shock on her face, even when I got home from work you could tell she was still sore. Her lamb is as big as our three week old lambs and had to kneel down for it’s first ever feed it’s that big but she is doing well with it.

There is still no news from the police, they are waiting for trading standards to carry out a post-mortem and ‘confirm the cause of death’, like it’s not clear. Trading standard phoned on Wednesday to say that they’re still awaiting the results, as it’s Good Friday now we’re not going to hear anything at all until at least Tuesday, two weeks to the day after it happened.

Both the local papers have run stories about it:


From The Forester and The Review carried this story.