Goose eggs

I put the first eggs in my new incubator last night, three goosy-lucy eggs.

I can’t really remember ever having hatched anything other than hen and quail eggs before, but I’m sure we must have hatched duck eggs when I was younger, so this will be interesting. The new incubator is a manual turner so I’ve got to remember to do it at least twice a day. 

There’s still some room left in the incubator so I may add some more soon. I’ve written yesterdays date and ‘day’ on one side, and ‘night’ on the other.

Fingers crossed for in 34 days time!

One response to “Goose eggs

  1. You must be really excited!!! I’d be hopping up and down if it was me and hovering over the incubator all the time. Do you candle them the same way as chicken eggs to see how they’re developing?

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