Weekend seed sowing

The forecast wasn’t really the best for seed sowing as frosts were due, and there was one, so I didn’t really sow as much as I’d planned.

I did start of early carrots, red spring onions, to go with the white spring onions I sowed last weekend, rocket and kale for trying as salad leaves but if we don’t like them then we can just let the plants grow to full size and eat them that way.

No sign of potato shoots yet, they have had a whole week to come through.

I washed some black sheep wool and bottled a load of pickled quail eggs and some mustard that I’ve tried making with red wine vinegar to see how it turns out too.

2 responses to “Weekend seed sowing

  1. we still have only planted 4 potatoes – and those are Verona’s, not mine LOL!

    I’m still digging out last years weeds **sigh**

  2. Do you sell you picked quails eggs, or keep them for yourselves?

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