An Award!

I have my first award! I had been saving it to post when my blog was a year old, on the 25th of February, but I think the Internet wasn’t working so I couldn’t. Any way here it is:


I’m not really sure what it’s for but it is my first so I am pleased, Thank you goes to Kat for giving it to me (all that time ago now…)

Now I have to pass it on to some other people…

Colour it Green, Daughter of the Soil, LittleFfarm, MyZeroWaste, The Smallest Smallholding, A Slice of Life and Verona Strauss

4 responses to “An Award!

  1. No problem!

    It’s for having an interesting blog!

  2. Thank you very much.

  3. LittleFfarm Dairy

    Thank you, Poppy!

    I’m really chuffed, that’s my first award; it feels like winning an Oscar! Ooooh, acceptance speech, then:

    *Tears* 😦 / 🙂

    “I’d like to thank my Mum, my Dad, my husband…(otherwise I’ll be written-out-of-their-wills)”

    *more tears*

    “…my supporting cast, the Goats – without whom none of this would be possible….”

    *sobs audibly, then gathers Self with Much Effort*

    “My publicist, ‘Max’ Toto ‘Clifford’ (AKA Very Cheeky Shetland Pony); my stylist, Ceinwen (cheeky little goat kid who jumped on my head the other morning & ‘did’ my hair – probably beyond forseeable repair)….

    & of course my fab-ewe-less Director, Lazzie; plus ‘key grip’ (whatever-one-of-those-is-but-I-know-it’s-important) Clover; & of course, Anna (that-Dolly-thingy-also-included-in-every-important-film-title)…& Bramble, whose behind-the-scenes professionalism has ensured I don’t slip up in my day-to-day dealings with the capricious British Toggenburg – & *cue more gasping sobs* along with Poppy & all of my friends-&-fans, has made me the Ab-so-lute ‘Blogger’ I am, today….”

    Seriously though, matie; genuine thanks. This has transformed an otherwise gloomy day, into one filled with flowers (& lemonade – yummy!).

    P.S. A fully-recovered Wolfie was painfully twisting my arm to write said speech – not to mention pushing a gun filled with disgusting Ketosis drench down my throat at the same time…eughh…..! – No wonder I’m in tears!).

    P.P.S. BTW – how come our Blogs no longer link…? For some reason, I can’t simply click onto you from your pic/blogname, any more. We’re still in the WordPress community (not that it should make a difference), aren’t we…?!

  4. Thank you Poppy, glad you think my blog worthy of an award…despite my wealth of moaning and groaning posts lately!

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