Good ship

Lambing started today, Lily had twins just like I told her to. 

The last couple of years she’s had massive single lambs and has had problems delivering them, last year I took her to the vet in the end, and for some reason he came out two weeks later and her lamb was so big and doing so well he mistook it for a three month old lamb. 

I’ve been telling her for months that I want “a nice set of twins, none of these silly big things” so she had a pair of big sized twins, one of each, who tried to be born at the same time so she still had a trip to the vets.

I got home too late to take any photos but there will be some soon.

* ‘ship’ is the Forest word for sheep 

2 responses to “Good ship

  1. a good outcome. looking forward to seeing the pictures

  2. Cogratulations on your first lambs. We don’t start lambing for another 4 weeks and as always this near to lambing I start to worry. Missy went down with Twin Lamb disease on Sunday, so the vet had to be called. She’s O.K now, but will have to be watched until she has her lambs. I’ve already got a couple of pet lambs to look after. They have taken to the “milk bar” really well.
    How many more sheep have you to lamb?

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