A while ago now I signed up to starting a ‘Daily Good Life’ YouTube channel with some other bloggers, Lucy from The Smallest Smallholding started it off. The idea is that we all take it in turns to post up a sort of video diary of what self-sufficiency things we’re doing or interested in and hopefully get some more people interested in the whole subject along the way.

So far I’ve made a few films but today I made my first ‘vlog’, so now instead of writing about what I did at the weekend you can watch it, let me know what you think…

(this was added on Tuesday but took ages to load and I’d gone to bed by that time and then my internet connection was down yesterday)

One response to “Action!

  1. Really sorry to hear about the shock of your great Aunty dying and the lone goose. Bummer about the job interview too.

    Still, it sounds like you have had some great things happening too. I guess life is like that.

    The weather was beautiful over the weekend, wasn’t it! I was out in the garden too – there is still lots more to do, but at least the weeds are virtually cleared at last.

    Well done on doing your first vblog; I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future.

    Mrs G x

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