Not there yet… back to normal I mean

pict01591There is still snow on the ground here, and more fell last night. There was also a power cut, I’m not sure how long it lasted.  I woke up to the smell of a burnt orange candle and Rhys telling me that there was a power cut but not to worry, he’d already put a blacket over the chicks to keep the heat in. Thank goodness I didn’t put another batch of eggs in the incubator like I’d planned to, the weather isn’t at all warm at the moment and the temperature is all over the place as the stove doesn’t stay in over night so it’s very cold in the mornings and then much warmer later. Not good incubation conditions.

pict01471The quail chicks are doing well though, eating and drinking very well and feathering up well. I think they’re growing well too but it’s hard to tell when you see them everyday. I cleaned them out last week and took some photos, I couldn’t find a box without gap in, for handles etc., so I put them in the old tin bath we have for bring wood in.

I’ve got a lot of seedlings coming on nicely, cabbage, rocket and spinach. And I’ve potted up the last of the onion sets I had in a paper bag in paper pots ready to plant out when the snow has cleared. I really want to get out into the garden and start things, I keep telling myself that this weather is a very good start to the year, garden wise, as it’ll kill off lots of the bugs.

One response to “Not there yet… back to normal I mean

  1. I am so jealous – I want some snow here! We did have the power cuts, but they lasted for three days!

    Stop by my blog sometime – you have an award to pick up!

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